I’m Ray Gordon.  

I’m a storyteller with over 20 years of experience behind a camera working on big production corporate campaigns.

I started my career doing whatever it took to pay the bills. As soon as I realized that although it paid the bills, my strengths and passion lay in being able to take an agencies ideas and to put a glow of authenticity, honesty and high energy to those ideas. When I learned to say no to the other stuff and focused on that specifically, life for me got exciting and busy.

Among others, along this way I have had the pleasure of:  

Photographing Dr. Dre for Chrysler.

I’ve directed NASCAR Cup champion Joey Lagano for AUTOZONE. 

I’ve photographed Mo Farah, the world’s fastest long distance runner for NIKE.

I’ve photographed JEEP’s new Cherokee redesign launch campaign in Spain.

I’ve photographed two-time Baja 1000 champion B.J. Baldwin for TOYO TIRES.

I photographed San Francisco pitcher and two-time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum for RED BULL.

I’ve photographed the greatest tennis player ever, Serena Williams for NIKE.  

I love working. I love work that is real, visceral, emotive, and exciting.

I dream about shooting. Shooting fast cars, motorcycles, sports, people and wide-open spaces.

(My therapist assures me this is quite normal.)

I oversee productions with rabid diligence.

I obsess over the details to ensure. That we chose the right location.  That we are partnering with a wide range of energetic and charismatic people. That we are creating authentic and exciting scenarios. That I, above all, am getting up close with enthusiasm and creating images that make you part of the action and not just an observer of it. That the take is perfect.

I demand and deliver world-class results.

Not because I’m a diva but because I love and care about what I do,

I ask questions and I listen. You won’t find any pretense here. Ever.

I am inclusive in front and behind the camera.  Inclusiveness is what the America I love is all about.  Promise. Opportunity. Equality. 

I am relentless at getting the shot and I do not stop until I get it.

If this entails hanging off of a helicopter or getting inches away from a speeding 1200 horsepower trophy truck in the Nevada desert then you’ll find me hanging off that helicopter or inches away from that speeding trophy truck. I’ve been there.

My work becomes much more than photos and moving pictures and we will share the stories of what it took to make them later over a drink.

I am forever curious, honest, brave and have an unleveled appreciation for beauty and excellence. Together with a little humor and social intelligence these are my core values and drive everything that I do, in and out of work.

I’m interested in building creative partnerships and friendships that last a lifetime.

You should give me a call. I’d love to meet you and hear what you have on the burner.

Let’s make people sit up and take notice. Let’s make something great together.